Meet the Team - Port Admiral

Meet the Team.

What’s a seriously social pub without some seriously social crew ? Our team are more than just pub staff – they’re family. We look after each other so that we can best look after you.

So, here’s the Port Admiral family:

Alex Fairgrieve

Captain (Publican)

Alex is the Captain and Publican all rolled into one! A ‘factotum’ – a person who takes on any task in order to get it done. So if you’ve ever been impressed by the wide selection of drinks at your favourite pub, now you know why: think of him as a bartender’s version of Hercules! All that hard work has resulted in an awesome drink selection at the pub…so if you’re ever looking for an amazing beverage experience our drinks list won’t disappoint you can find it  here.

Simone Douglas

Chief Mate

For the past 30 years, Simone has been building relationships and making connections to bring people together – that’s how she ended up falling in love with what she does. With her commitment to creating a sense of community and pushing beyond traditional pub stereotypes, it’s no wonder everyone knows who Simone is! See for yourself by following all of her amazing projects here.

Tiffany Hughes

Exec Chef

Anytime you’ve been absolutely floored by the delicious gluten free treats placed in front of you, that’s thanks to the ingenuity and passion of Tiff. She is pushing the boundaries of gluten free food and we couldn’t be happier to have her on board!


Second Mate

One of the longest serving seriously social crew members, Eden is known for her wicked sense of humour and her mastery of cocktails and banter. 

Her product knowledge is extensive so if you are finding it hard to choose from our extensive range she will be able to help for sure.


Shanty Woman

Otherwise known as chief storyteller, Jen has made it her mission to collect as many stories about the history of the Papa as possible. You are always assured of a good yarn and a big smile with Jen. 

She’s likely to talk you into an Irish whisky while she regales you with stories dear to her heart.



Always ready to help and sporting a smile Courtney is an integral part of the team. Working across both pubs, she has a solid product knowledge of our extensive wine list and spirit range and will happily recommend something if you aren’t sure what you are in the mood for.



Happy go lucky and one of those people who are just genuinely kind. Andrew has more years than he would like to admit in the hospo game. Like all our crew he loves to bring a smile to the faces of everyone who walks through the door.



Shay is always focused on creating memorable experiences for our customers. If you have ordered Uber eats recently – he is usually the one who has taken the time to pen a thankyou note to you.

Best none for always farewelling our customers with his signature farewell “Have a great day Legends”



Like all the team Drew is focused on creating great memories for our customers and that starts with making sure their lunch or dinner is everything they would want in a classic pub meal.



A bit of a joker and a keen gamer, Bec loves to cook and sees every dish she makes as an opportunity to brighten someone’s day by filling their stomach.



Gage is a regular on our social pages and a bit of a larrikin, passionate about the food he puts on your plates and loves a knock off after a hard day in the kitchen.


Second Mate

Zac loves all things to do with hospitality but particularly likes coming up with those cheeky cocktails that we all love to try.


Junior Crew

Max is an absolute gen having been with us a few years now. Always happy to help with any queries you have. When he isn’t working or studying he is helping out at Puddle Jumpers. 



Krista is a hospitality all rounder who is guaranteed to greet you with a smile and some recommendations on the latest beverage offerings.


Apprentice Chef

Bayden works between both venues and is a stand out apprentice in his second year. Known for his hard work and attention to detaiol he is an asset to the team.



Ali is currently studying law but whilst he goes through that he is also one of our lovely crew with an extensive hospitality background you will often see him running between upstairs and down with meals and drink orders.



Shenal is a welcome addition to the kitchen team with a love of all things cricket and food you will always see him with a smile in the kitchen.