Meet the Team - Port Admiral

Meet the Team.

What’s a seriously social pub without some seriously social crew ? Our team are more than just pub staff – they’re family. We look after each other so that we can best look after you.

So, here’s the Port Admiral family:

Alex Fairgrieve

Captain (Publican)

Alex is the Captain and Publican all rolled into one! A ‘factotum’ – a person who takes on any task in order to get it done. So if you’ve ever been impressed by the wide selection of drinks at your favourite pub, now you know why: think of him as a bartender’s version of Hercules! All that hard work has resulted in an awesome drink selection at the pub…so if you’re ever looking for an amazing beverage experience our drinks list won’t disappoint you can find it  here.

Simone Douglas

Chief Mate

For the past 30 years, Simone has been building relationships and making connections to bring people together – that’s how she ended up falling in love with what she does. With her commitment to creating a sense of community and pushing beyond traditional pub stereotypes, it’s no wonder everyone knows who Simone is! See for yourself by following all of her amazing projects here.

Tiffany Hughes

Exec Chef

Anytime you’ve been absolutely floored by the delicious gluten free treats placed in front of you, that’s thanks to the ingenuity and passion of Tiff. She is pushing the boundaries of gluten free food and we couldn’t be happier to have her on board!

Are you our head chef?

Now Hiring

If you have what it takes to be seriously social and lead our ships galley then we want to talk to you. Email resumes to

Are you our assistant manager?

Now Hiring

If you have what it takes to be our Second Mate then we are keen to have you on board. Email resumes to

Crew members

Now Hiring

A ship cannot sail without its crew and we are looking for able-bodied sea folk who thrive on adventure and love to create a space where everyone feels at home. If this is you then email