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The Port Admiral is

The Outside world doesn’t matter here

At the Port Admiral Hotel, we take community very seriously and strive to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere that allows our visitors to leave their cares and stresses of the outside world at the door. We believe that fostering an environment of acceptance and understanding is essential for enabling individuals to relax and truly unwind. Whether it’s having a conversation with a friend, or just reading a book in peace, we want our visitors to be able to take some time out of their day and forget about the outside world- if only for a little while. We pride ourselves on being:

All inclusive

Community driven

Gluten free

Our Food

We understand how tough it can be to find a safe space when you have dietary restrictions. That is why here at the Admiral we’ve gone above and beyond in creating an amazing dining experience that caters not just to everyone, but specifically those with allergies; particularly our Coeliac family! We make sure every dish served is 100% gluten-free – so no matter what your order is, there’s no nasty gluten hiding inside under this roof!

The Port Admiral Hotel | Admiral Bar

Enjoy Our

Come explore the wide array of drinks we have to offer! Our team is passionate about their research, scouring for new products, and knowledgeably answering any questions you may have. From Aglianico to Zinfandel, our extensive wine list has all your favorite grapes covered – plus a few surprises from our own fearless factotum’s personal mission “making sure there’s something amazing waiting just around the corner”. So come on in and join us on an unforgettable drinking adventure!

Book a Function

We couldn’t be a seriously social pub if we didn’t love hosting functions! We’ve got multiple spaces available to cater for birthdays, engagement parties, business meetings, day long training events, intimate cabaret shows and baby showers.

The perfect gift

Purchase gift vouchers to use at any of our Seriously Social Venues, including; The Duke of Brunswick, DoB on King William and Port Admiral Port Adelaide.

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Tamara Findlay

As a Coeliac, this place is heaven. The ability to order something to eat without any doubt is amazing, the ability to wash it down ...

Jake Trudgen

Couldn’t have a better night if you tried. The staff are always friendly, the (Entirely Gluten Free) food is always amazing, and the bevvies are ...

Michelle Rothe

My beautiful man was concerned I never had more than a couple of gluten free options when dining out. The whole menu is gluten free ...