Key Partnerships - Port Admiral

Key Partnerships.

We’re on a mission at the Port Admiral, we want to be the most “seriously social” pub in Australia. What does that mean? We aspire to create a vibrant community hub that can accommodate a diverse range of interests and activities. Our goal is to offer a welcoming space for over 100 different community groups, from bi-annual sewing meet-ups to weekly drink and draw sessions, from think tank discussions focused on improving Adelaide to local Roller Derby teams strategizing their path to success. As a pub, we take pride in bringing people together and providing an inclusive environment for all.

It’s not only smaller community groups that we love working with, we’ve got lots of larger organisations that we’re proud to be associated with. 

See why our pub is Seriously Social.

We collaborate with various veterans organizations, including HOTH (Heroes on the home front), The Jamie Larcombe Centre, and the Black Ops Veterans Garage, to offer a space for our local heroes to unwind and destress without the burden of the outside world. In addition, we offer free upgrades to our first responders as a way to recognize and appreciate their tireless efforts in keeping us safe.

The fact that The Port Admiral welcome dogs has led to visits from the Royal Society for the Blind. Autism SA love bringing their clients through because we understand their often quite specific dietary needs. We treat our customers like family, and are always happy to go the extra mile to make them feel at home.

The Port Admiral is proud to support Guide Dogs South Australia, a charity that provides essential services to people with visual impairments. As a dog-friendly restaurant and bar, we welcome and support the incredible work that Guide Dogs South Australia does in the community.

APOD partner

The Port Admiral support members of the Australian veteran community and defence families.

As you can see family is important to us at the Port Admiral.
If you’re part of a community group and are searching for a place to call home, we’d love to have you as part of our community.